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VDCDS_PanelsVDC Display Systems can help you with design, integration and Installation of customized Display Systems.


We specialize Simulation, Training and Command Control Markets, and offer a wide variety of 4K and HD Display Technology to meet your needs.

You experienced firsthand how our UHD LED panels can easily expand in size to your specific application, while offering amazing contrast ratio, vibrant seamless images, spectacular color and extremely high pixel density.

VDCDS demonstrated the World's First 1.0mm Panel, and VDCDS is the only Distributor in the US of this panel.  Please see our website for a complete line up, and stay tuned for the future .8mm UHD Panel.

You also visualized first hand our Extreme Short Throw 4K Laser Projectors and flexible Vision Presenter 20141201_124805Technology with Scalable Display Manager.   This was only one example of the many state of the art projection technologies we have to offer.

20141203_123837Our WASP trainer is an All- Acrylic seamless solution with the Tightest Seams in the Industry for Multi-Faceted Display Systems . These single pilot trainers have seam widths less than 0.5mm on all primary facets and are available as 4 facet 6 facet or full 360 degree 8 facet systems.



20141204_133400We look forward to discussing your future projects, and determine what product is right for your application Please feel free to reach out to our Director of Business Development, Ed Boland at edboland@vdcds.com, or 321-298-0544.  For any Marketing and Press Activities, please feel free to contact Dianne LaGuardia a dlaguardia@vdcds.com.






You can also visit our website at www.vdcds.com for a full line of products, applications and services.