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To: Whom it may concern
Subject: 90-day Marquee assembly last time buy opportunity notification
Date: 12/5/2016
Hello All;
This letter is to notify VDCDS customers that the High Voltage Power Supply (HVPS – VDCDS P/N 03-000310-02P)
used in the Marquee® CRT projector product line will no longer be manufactured by our supplier as of December 1, 2016.

To mitigate potential problems for our customers, VDCDS has negotiated a last time buy opportunity with our supplier and we are offering this “last time buy opportunity” to all our customers. In addition VDCDS has limited supplies of other assemblies and subassemblies used in these projectors, and we like to encourage end users to provide VDCDS with future requirements to secure the availability of components that might be in short supply.

Please note that the CRTs are not included in this last time buy nor are in limited supply.

It is important that customers evaluate current and future needs to support your fleet of Marquee projectors for the coming years with all assemblies used.

VDCDS will be offering repairs services for most assemblies, however the success repair rate of HVPS is very low.

If requested, VDCDS can supply a current inventory list and quantity of the Marquee parts and assemblies for your review.

Furthermore, VDCDS would like to offer at no charge to end users the opportunity to establish a “Customer Furnished Property (CFP)” for large inventory purchases to be kept in a secured location at our warehouse located in Cocoa Florida. VDCDS will manage this inventory, notify you when a part or parts are being requested and/or used and provide an inventory list at any time requested.

Lastly, VDCDS offers a wide range of replacement digital projectors utilizing lamp, solid state LED and Laser illumination for all types of applications, as well as engineering services to help in the transition from CRT projectors to digital displays

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at VDCDS.



Rich Manning
VDC Display Systems Director of Operations & Simulator Support Services

Last Time Buy - HVPS

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