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Visual Threat Recognition and Avoidance Trainer-VTRAT

Visual Threat Recognition and Avoidance Trainer-VTRATVisual Threat Recognition and Avoidance Trainer


When a presentation environment has high ambient light conditions or a display system without complicated installation is needed, nothing compares to a VDC Display Systems (VDCDS) Retro Display System, a complete presentation system on wheels.  This system features a 67-inch diagonal screen that provides bright, high-resolution displays; all in a roll-around cabinet that makes it easy to move easily through conventional doorways from one room to another.

Superior image quality comes from a state of the art Digital Light Processing (DLP) projector, using either a Light Emitting Diode (LED) or Ultra High Pressure (UHP) lamp light source with a single lens, resulting in sharper images and higher contrast. Even in rooms with fluorescent lighting or Visual Threat Recognition and Avoidance Trainer-VTRAToutside windows, the Retro provides a bright image with true color reproduction.

Plug in a Personal Computer (PC) Image Generator (IG), graphics workstation, personal computer, or High Definition (HD) video source and the Retro is ready to display bright, vivid images from one of the best console systems on the market, and due to its single lens design, no complicated or daily alignments are required.

In addition, VDCDS can also provide retrofit kits for legacy Retro cabinets, upgrading older Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) projectors with new LED or UHP projectors that significantly increase display quality while eliminating lamp replacement issues commonly associated with CRT-based systems.


 The Visual Threat Recognition and Avoidance Trainer-VTRAT is an interactive simulator that prepares aircrews to identify and defend against hostile anti-aircraft engagements, including rocket-propelled grenades and small-arms fire. For more than 12 years, BAE Systems has been lead VTRAT contractor and supplier to the U.S. Air Force. Today, BAE Systems employees support more than 60 VTRAT simulators across the country to train crews from 16 different types of aircraft for more than 80 aircraft observation points.]





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