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Projection Solutions

VDC Display Systems offers projection solutions that add value and extend the functionality to our display and projection systems.

VDC Display Systems has a broad range of , Laser Light Source, LCD, 1-chip and 3-chip DLP® projectors, ruggedized, and can offer integrated projection solutions for every application and budget. VDC Display Systems also provides projection solutions that add value and extend the functionality to our display systems.


Laser Light Source LCD Projectors

VDCDS_Laser_Projector_DiagramLaser light source LCD projectors are targeted for permanent installation use in a larger venue or house of worship.  Laser Light Source uses a blue laser through a spinning phosphor wheel to create white light, which is then sent through a 3LCD system similar to lamp-based LCD projectors.  The projectors also features great flexibility in installation.  It can be placed at any angle, on its side or even upside down, has both vertical and horizontal lens shift and has edge blending for use with an additional projector to create a very wide image.

VDCDS Laser Light Source Projection SolutionsThis line also features a constant brightness mode that helps it maintain virtually the same brightness level throughout its 20,000 life by driving the projector at a reduced light output.  It also has an automatic brightness setting which adjusts the output level depending on the brightness of the displayed image.  Finally, the laser line has a complete set of connection options for a PC, Mac and other video sources, including the traditional VGA cable, DVI-D, HDMI, 5-BNC component video, S-video, and composite video.

The laser line of products are network connectable via its LAN port, allowing for control of one or more networked projectors, as well as monitoring the projector's status, scheduled maintenance and problem notification remotely.  For medical school training and medical imaging presentations, Sony has included a DICOM simulation mode.  This is used to provide a clearer picture of X-ray images.



Multi Projector Control Software:

The VDCDS Multi-Mission Display (MMD) Driver Package (MMD-DP) is a software mechanism for graphics rendering that supports in situ image processing operations such as, but not limited to, geometry correction, image stitching and edge blending between multiple projectors.  The MMD-DP presents a single desktop to the Operating System (OS) which contains the entire pixel space of the combined Projectors.  The MMD System's available resolution is the composite pixel space of all attached Projectors less those pixels used for image processing.  Read More>


Color Balancing

Using a precision light meter, computer and software with a simple user interface, the operator is automatically guided to point the meter at the screen and data is fed into the computer.  The computer performs the calculations and places the color mapping information on the projectors – that information stays on the projector until you choose to re-tweak the system.

When designing advanced visualization displays, factors such as geometry, image blending and warping, resolution, color and brightness uniformity, and latency are key criteria that must be addressed.

  • Customizable, reliable and efficient integration tools that meet even the most demanding requirements, VDC Display Systems tools offer:
  • Reduced location resource requirements
  • Increased customer independence in terms of display maintenance
  • More realistic displays
  • Enhanced visual performance of the complete system
  • Optimized displays for individual applications




Video Wall Control Room Solutions

VDC Display Systems video wall products are your visual solution for monitoring, controlling and interacting with assets, activities or infrastructure. Use our purpose-built, 24/7 video wall control room solutions to integrate and control all information sources, so your team can view them full scale and in real time.

Video wall display solutions show your team what matters, making any issue a team issue and helping the team to solve problems together.  Our large network of dealers and integrators, and our experience working with end users, have given us a deep understanding of the factors involved in developing effective digital display solutions for mission-critical monitoring applications.

VDC Display Systems Video Wall Solutions Address the Demanding Needs of Monitoring Applications


  • Display high-quality video and information feeds so that operators can monitor, detect and act on real-time information.
  • Integrate and control data from multiple sources to show timely and accurate information.
  • Allow multiple operators to view content at any size.
  • Provide instant access to real-time intelligence.
  • A high-performance solution that's low maintenance, reliable and has display flexibility.

Quality, Reliability, Experience

VDC Display Systems manufacturers control room products, builds and ships tailored solutions. We ship directly from our ISO 9001-certified North American assembly facility.
Custom solutions to fit your growing needs.

We're leading the way, today and into the future with our

  • rear screen tiling projectors, featuring advanced DLP® technology for high-definition imaging,
  • wide choice of standard-option display systems,
  • versatile and reliable video wall controllers, and
  • custom display wall solutions.

You can rely on VDC Display Systems to help you build display wall solutions that make sense for your industry and achieve your control room’s functional objectives.


Projector Blending & Stacking

Edge blending and stacking multiple projectors in an array makes it possible to create very bright, high-resolution displays. By using powerful tools such as Scalable Display Solutions you can precisely control multiple, edge-blended images seamlessly, quickly and easily.

Using multiple projectors for one display creates large, bright, detailed and truly eye-catching images. But, when projected images overlap there's often a visible band across the display. By edge blending, the video signal from one projector is gradually faded out through the banded zone, while the adjacent projection or “channel” is faded up – eliminating the appearance of banding. This edge blending is especially effective when showing movement with long rows of projection or in drum theater where object movement is displayed across a 360° field of vision.



Projector Management

Controlling and managing projectors over a network reduces the resources, time and effort
needed to adjust and maintain the equipment by letting users monitor the projector. All VDC Display Systems projectors can be controlled and monitored through a hosted Web interface using a PC or laptop connected to the same network as the projectors, ensure that it's operating as intended.


Control and Monitoring Through a Network or RS232 Protocol.

You access the Web interface through the IP address of the projector you wish to control. The Web interface and available control options vary by projector type.

In addition to offering a hosted HTML web interface, most VDC Display Systems projectors also support SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol). SNMP:

  • Allows you to remotely monitor  a projector and getstatus changes on various parameters.
  • Requires custom software to interpret and process SNMP messages (.mib) that are generated by the respective projectors.



Retrofit Kits and Upgrading

Retrofitting an existing control room, simulators or command center display wall can save you money and time.

Upgrading is an excellent alternative to a complete video wall replacement. An upgrade saves money and also reduces the time and disruption involved with system replacement. In many cases existing cubes, structures and screens can remain intact and only the projection engine is replaced. Upgrading is a greener solution too, since you can reuse existing structures and components.

VDC Display Systems provide custom upgrade kits and solutions with design services that let you upgrade an older video wall system with the latest projection and display technologies. Plus, VDC Display Systems gives you unmatched upgrade support.

Retrofit – Refreshing Existing Display Wall Structures With New Innovations

When you work with VDC Display Systems you are working with the teams who design, develop and assemble our products. VDC Display Systems's experienced team can help you plan and assess all of your installation elements and be prepared for the unique challenges that are part of every upgrade project. We've

  • We have worked on projects with sagging floors.
  • We understand the complications of curved arrays.
  • We have experience with updating to wide-angle screens.
  • We offer customized on-ship, third-party structures.

Our engineering and project management teams will assess your site and video wall system and then work closely with designers, consultants, system integrators and you. Then we bring all this information back to our development engineers at our manufacturing facility in Cape Canaveral, FL.



Warped Displays

Users can precisely control multiple edge-blended images seamlessly and create warped displays on almost any projection surface – quickly and easily.

When an image is projected onto a curved or uneven surface, the displayed image will appear distorted and out of proportion.

The image can be warped to fit the surface configuration by using custom warp and blending tools.  This feature enables seamless white and black level edge blending of multiple curved images faster and more easily than through traditional, manual methods. Controlled by an easy-to-use GUI, you can expertly control and edge-blend or stack multiple curved images.

Image warping enables rendering onto extreme surfaces such as cylindrical or spherical displays.
Warping is controlled through a user-definable grid, determining the resolution, area of display and image mapping. When combined with built-in edge blending technology it provides the ideal solution for domed and spherical display solutions such as planetariums and full combat simulators.