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Sony VPL-FHZ700L



1920 x 1200 resolution / Powerful 7,000 lm WUXGA for vibrant images / Laser Diode


Laser and so much more.

Now an even brighter star joins the world’s first 3LCD laser light source projector, with benefits for a wider range of classrooms, conference rooms, lecture halls, sanctuaries, and exhibits.

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Main features

High image quality Exceptional integration capabilities
Powerful 7,000 lumens WUXGA Multiple interfaces
Wide range vertical and horizontal lens shift
Tilt-angle-free design
Edge blending
Advanced geometric correction
Quick power ON/OFF
Low operating overheads:
Maintenance-free for up to 20,000 hours*1

Ideal Combination of High Image Quality, Low Overheads, and Exceptional Integration

We are proud to introduce a powerful projector for your most demanding applications – the VPL-FHZ700L. This new WUXGA 7,000 lumens 3LCD laser light source VDCDS_VPL-FHZ700L_01projector delivers an ideal combination of high image quality, low overheads, and exceptional integration.To achieve 7,000-lumen color light output at high resolution (1920 x 1200), this projector is designed with both a laser light source and a 3LCD optical system. Colors appear natural and the brightness is extraordinary, thanks to Sony's BrightEra 3LCD engine together with the laser light source. Full-time simultaneous color (red + blue + green) is achieved with three micro displays and there's no visible color breaking or rainbow effect, even on high-contrast images. For up to 20,000 hours* of maintenance-free, replacement-free operation, the VPL-FHZ700L is designed along with its laser light source with a long-life LCD panel and advanced lter system. It also offers a range of energy-saving features. The result is a substantially lower total lifetime cost of ownership than with a conventional lamp projector. To achieve exceptional integration in virtually any environment – academic, business, public sector, medical, retail, entertainment, and more – the VPL-FHZ700L offers multiple interfaces and lens shift positions, along with a tilt-angle-free design for easy installation at any angle (even sideways and upside down!) and convenient features such as built-in edge blending (for super-sized displays, you can seamlessly blend images from multiple projectors), geometric correction, and quick power on/off. All this from the world's brightest 3LCD laser light source projector!

* Auto Light Dimming feature must be enabled; actual hours may vary depending on usage environment.