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Sony HMZ-T1

Get admission for one to a private movie theater playing all your favorite movies and games in insanely immersive 2D or 3D on dual HD OLED displays, plus built-in virtual 5.1-channel surround sound.

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Units Available: 2


Enjoy private screenings in jaw-dropping 2D or 3D HD and ear-pleasing 5.1-channel surround sound that simulates the feeling of being in your very own movie theater Feel like you’re sitting 12 feet away from a 150″ screen and make getting into your game or watching your favorite movie an all-new adventure. Get not one, but two HD OLED displays which are known for outstanding brightness, contrast, color and clarity. Adjust forehead and headband straps for a fully customized fit designed for heads large and small. Keep the unit connected toyour TV at all times — with HDMI® pass-through you don’t have to unplug it when not in use. As long as it’s connected, simply turn on your Personal 3D Viewer and whatever is on your TV will be instantly switched to the unit. As soon as it’s powered down, the images will instantly pop back up on your TV.This product has been designed for use by persons 16 years of age and older.


Immersive 2D and 3D experience

Strap on this wearable HDTV and feel like you're in your personal movie theater. The extraordinarily immersive 2D and 3D


Adjustable for comfort

The Head Mount Display is adjustable for head size and comfort, Surprisingly lightweight it provides the wearability you need to fully enjoy your favorite movies or games.


A 150-inch screen in your face

Strapping on the Head Mount Display is the equivalent of having your very own 150 inch movie screen only twelve feet away, in either 2D or 3D1.


HDMI® Pass-through

Keep the unit connected all the time. When the HMZ-T1 is turned on, the image is switched from your TV to the unit. Turn off the HMZ-T and the image is sent back to the TV.


Virtual 5.1 Headphones built in

The built-in virtual 5.1 surround sound headphones deepen the experience by simulating a movie theater's surround sound.


Dual High Definition OLED Displays

OLED displays are known for outstanding brightness, contrast, color and clarity. OLED provides an independent, yet coordinated image for each eye. This means you get an exceptional 2D and 3D1 experience.

This product has been designed for use by persons 16 years of age and older. Some people may experience discomfort (such as eye strain, fatigue, or nausea) while watching video images or playing games on this device. Sony recommends that all viewers take regular breaks. Please read the instruction manual for this product carefully to ensure correct usage.

1.Requires 3D content, 3D player, and HDMI® cable (at least 10.2 Gbps).




  • Power Voltage : 120V(60Hz)



  • Child Lock : Yes


Inputs and Outputs

Video Inputs and Outputs

  • HDMI Input(s) and Output(s) : 1 input(HDMI 1.4a)/1 through-output(HDMI 1.4a)
  • HMD Output(s) : 1 output


Convenience Features

  • Auto Power Off : Yes (6 hours)
  • Prolonged Viewing Warning : Yes (3 hours)
  • Video Pass-through Function : Yes (when Glasses are off)
  • Wearing Sensor : Yes



  • CEC Control : Play, Pause, Next, Previous, Fast-forward, Fast-rewind


System Configurations

  • Head Mounted Unit : Yes
  • Processor Unit : Yes


Weights (Approx.)

  • Unit : Approx 14.8oz (420g)- Headmounted Unit (cable not included) / 1 Lb 5oz (600g)- Processor Unit



  • 3D Ready : Yes



  • Color : White



  • Driver Unit : Open air dinamic
  • Frequency Response : 12-24,000Hz
  • Impedance : 24?
  • Maximum Input : 1,000mW (IEC)
  • Sensitivity : 106dB/mW


Video Features

  • Picture Mode : Standard; Cinema; Dinamic; Custom
  • Picture Settings : Clear Black; Picture; Brightness; Color tempreture; Sharpness
  • Picture control for dark adaptation : Yes
  • Pure Image Realizer : Frame noise reduction; Block noise reduction; Mosquito noise reduction
  • SBM for Video : Yes


Audio Features

  • Linear PCM : 2/ 5.1
  • Preset Audio Mode : Standard; Cinema; Game; Pure AV; Off (2ch)
  • Virtual Surround : Yes (5.1)



  • Aspect Ratio : 16:09
  • Display Device : OLED Panel x 2
  • Display Resolution : 1280×720
  • Field of View : 45 degree
  • Gradation : RGB 24bit
  • Virtual Image Size : 750 inches at 65 feet distance (effectively 150″ at 12 feet)


Measurements (Approx.)

  • Cable Length : 3.5m (Between Head Mounted Unit and Processor Unit)
  • Dimension (W x H x D) : Approx.210mm x 196mm x 110mm (Head Mounted Unit)*without bands/ 180mm x 36mm x 168mm (Processor Unit)


Viewing Settings

  • Lens Span Adjustment : 5 steps


In the Box

  • Warranty Guide
  • Forehead Supporter
  • Quick Start Guide
  • AC Cable
  • Nose Supporter
  • Instruction Manual
  • HDMI Cable
  • Sheild for Outside Light

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