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VDC Display Systems (VDCDS) was established in February, 2000 with the acquisition of all AmPro Corporation assets, to support major, multi-year industrial and Government programs, including the US Navy PT563/UQY program. In November of 2001, VDCDS acquired the Marquee product line from Christie Digital (formerly Electrohome) and continued manufacturing and developing a wide range of new training and simulation specific products in support of world class organizations and Government agencies.


In October of 2004, VDCDS acquired the ESCP Calligraphic product line from former Evans & Sutherland and continued the manufacturing and technical support of these products, which are currently in use for pilot training in many large commercial airlines throughout the world.


VDCDS has extensive experience delivering projectors worldwide used in many commercial and military trainers, as well as complete solutions for a broad range of applications such as rear screen projection, projection cubes and cutting edge, multi-projection dome and wall systems.


Our focus is based on working closely with our customers. We fully understand that each application has a unique set of needs and requirements. To meet these challenges, VDCDS has a broad range of Commercial Off-the-Street (COTS), ruggedized and motion capable Cathode Ray Tube (CRT), Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCoS) and and Digital Light Processing (DLP) projectors. We couple our product line with a proven record for designing, manufacturing, installing, integrating and testing multi-channel or ultra-high resolution systems for the most demanding applications.


Whatever the application, the VDCDS solution is designed and built to meet all system requirements for military, medical and industrial simulation applications and is backed by our world class warranty and 24/7 service and support teams.


VDCDS is a division of Video Display Corporation (VDC), a publicly held company and member of NASDAQ under the VIDE symbol. VDC operates eight sales, design and manufacturing facilities throughout the United States and Europe. For more information, visit the Company’s web site at www.videodisplay.com